Established in 2021, rq. is an independently-owned slow fashion brand based in Australia.


rq. provides a nostalgic experience, embodying the essence of the 1990s by seamlessly blending the glamour of runway fashion with the effortless chic of everyday wear. Our brand offers a curated journey where every outfit tells a story, every accessory holds a memory, and every location becomes a canvas for your personal style. rq. symbolises the nostalgia of luxury fashion, design and art, weaving them into the fabric of our brand. We invite you to embrace the allure of the 1990s supermodel led era.


Our garments are ethically produced and designed to last. We are a slow fashion brand that strives to create timeless pieces that can be worn and styled multiple ways. Although we are not perfect, we do what we can to implement sustainable practices in our business. This includes manufacturing in small quantities, in order to minimise production and environmental waste. We ship our garments using sea freight to minimise greenhouse gas emissions, and we use recyclable and sustainable packaging. Sustainability is a major focus at rq. and something we continue to work towards.